If you would like to get a powerful understanding of your team or organization’s own “leadership culture”, consider using The Leadership Culture Survey (TLCS). Used for your entire organization or just one of your leadership teams, TLCS will tell you and your teammates how you view the culture of leadership that you all are co-creating, and compare that reality to the optimal culture you all want. The gaps between your current culture and your collectively desired culture, as well as between your current culture and the leadership culture of other organizations, will quickly give you a compelling rationale for change. In addition, it shows you exactly where you will want to focus your collective leadership development efforts.

TLCS is quick, very affordable, web based, and user friendly. Results are downloadable. The Leadership Culture Survey also works seamlessly with the individual Leadership Circle 360 Profile so that if your organization chose to do both, the two instruments would provide complementary feedback. For more information,  click here to view the Leadership Circle’s website.

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