Here are a few examples of the value my coaching has brought both leaders and organizations:

  • With the support of both leadership and organizational coaching, a major division of a national development company stemmed its turnover rate from 1 person per month to zero turnover in a year, while transforming itself from a traditional work group to a high performance team, increasing its staffing by 30%, and improving bottom line results.
  • After working through organizational assessment tools, a start-up biofuels company came to understand and successfully work through issues of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, supporting it organizationally so that it could go on to gain full venture funding.
  • With the support of 1-on-1 leadership coaching, numerous leaders I’ve worked with in both corporations and nonprofits have been able to work through issues of overwhelm, communication, personal habits, trust, personal transitions and organizational changes in order to improve significantly both their professional and personal effectiveness.
  • After just three coaching sessions, a boss and subordinate in a major company worked through numerous “hot spots”, met all 7 of their coaching goals, and significantly improved their communications, synergy, and productivity.
  • With the support of coaching, a strategy consultant to Sustainability leaders clarified his values, goals, direction, choices, and work-life balance.
  • At a day-long, off-site retreat, the staff of a community non profit significantly improved its understanding and appreciation of staff members’ roles and challenges, resulting in a significant boost to staff morale.
  • After improving the sourcing and performance management of a key technical division of a major manufacturer, the group became the #1 ranking division in a corporate survey for its “people processes”.
  • Through several staff retreats using an Appreciative Inquiry approach, a department at a hospital improved their teamwork while they identified numerous ways to improve the quality of their service, and designed a plan for quickly implementing numerous process improvements.


“Mary is a great sounding board for a wide range of individual and organizational issues that are tough to discuss with anyone else. Because of her coaching, I am able to think things through to create far better solutions than would otherwise be possible. As a result, my company’s organizational infrastructure is in much better shape, our business is expanding, and my life keeps getting better. It’s extremely exciting and gratifying.”

Chris Halpin
President, Celtic Energy


“We all can use a good coach to help us hone our game, think through our mission and how our day-to-day actions serve that mission. Mary Gorham has helped me think hard about my goals and how to achieve them, as well as what kind of business person and human being I’d like to be.”

Andrew Winston
Author of Green Recovery, Co-author of Green to Gold,
and internationally renowned sustainability thought leader, speaker, and advisor


“Mary brings the perfect balance of intelligence, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to her trainings. Rather than just offering up time management tips and tricks during her workshops, Mary finds a way to get attendees to think critically about their mind set during the day and make transformative changes to the way they work. Her expertise and presentation style will help to make you more effective and less stressed.”

Patrick McKenna
Training and Membership Services Coordinator
CT Association of Nonprofits


“Mary knows how to walk the delicate balance between listening and providing a gentle prod on the one hand, and calling you to the carpet on the other, definitely an asset in the coaching business.”

Education and Management Consultant


“I interviewed four leadership and organizational coaches and Mary stood out for her understanding of both organizational structures and interpersonal dynamics. I, as well as our division, need to be in alignment for maximum results. Mary has been providing the support and guidance for all of us to gain maximum synergies so we can meet our goals.”

Sarah, Director
Jonathan Rose Companies
New York