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There are many ways that executive coaching can benefit you if you are looking to make some changes. Click here for details.

Teams whose members are in sync with each other far outperform those whose members are not.

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Organizations that are developed well have far more capacity than those that are not.

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Over the long term, serving all of your organization’s stakeholders in a balanced and thoughtful way will serve you in far more powerful ways than serving some of your stakeholders at the expense of others.

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“Mary is a great sounding board for a wide range of individual and organizational issues that are tough to discuss with anyone else. Because of her coaching, I am able to think things through to create far better solutions than would otherwise be possible. “
Chris Halpin, President, Celtic Energy Connecticut
“We all can use a good coach to help us hone our game, think through our mission and how our day-to-day actions serve that mission.”
Andrew Winston, Author of Green Recovery, Co-author of Green to Gold, and internationally renowned sustainability thought leader, speaker, and advisor
“Mary brings the perfect balance of intelligence, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to her trainings. Rather than just offering up time management tips and tricks during her workshops, Mary finds a way to get attendees to think critically about their mind set during the day.”
Patrick McKenna, Training and Membership Services Coordinator CT Association of Nonprofits
“Mary knows how to walk the delicate balance between listening and providing a gentle prod on the one hand, and calling you to the carpet on the other, definitely an asset in the coaching business.”
Rob, Education and Management Consultant, Maryland