Imagine for a moment that all of your organization’s stakeholders are truly flourishing– i.e. your shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, communities, and every living system your organization touches. What would this do for the impact your organization has on your world?

While most would agree that this would be wonderful, most managers today are feeling so overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands to survive, that this vision feels like a mirage. It’s difficult for most to find the time and space to even imagine the full implications of this.

A powerful way to envision, brainstorm, plan, and implement action steps that tap the engagement of all of your organization’s stakeholders is to engage in a system-wide Appreciative Inquiry process. Read below for more information about how this approach can engage all of your stakeholders in positive system-wide transformation.

Making transformative, positive change that enhances all of your organization’s stakeholders requires a process that brings out the best in everyone. A highly flexible and proven methodology for doing so is one based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. Developed over 20 years and used in thousands of organizations, Appreciative Inquiry engages representatives both inside and outside of your organization that all have a stake in your organizational success. By engaging people to build a shared vision, create synergy, identify opportunities, design initiatives, and plan for their collective future, Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful tool for making transformational change.  For a lengthier description of Appreciative Inquiry, see as well as .


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