“Mary is a great sounding board for a wide range of individual and organizational issues that are tough to discuss with anyone else. Because of her coaching, I am able to think things through to create far better solutions than would otherwise be possible. “
Chris Halpin, President, Celtic Energy Connecticut
“We all can use a good coach to help us hone our game, think through our mission and how our day-to-day actions serve that mission.”
Andrew Winston, Author of Green Recovery, Co-author of Green to Gold, and internationally renowned sustainability thought leader, speaker, and advisor
“Mary brings the perfect balance of intelligence, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to her trainings. Rather than just offering up time management tips and tricks during her workshops, Mary finds a way to get attendees to think critically about their mind set during the day.”
Patrick McKenna, Training and Membership Services Coordinator CT Association of Nonprofits
“Mary knows how to walk the delicate balance between listening and providing a gentle prod on the one hand, and calling you to the carpet on the other, definitely an asset in the coaching business.”
Rob, Education and Management Consultant, Maryland

Imagine that:

  • Your team’s interactions were substantially more positive than negative;
  • Everyone on your team took an inquiring approach to complex problems rather than taking positions; and
  • Team members focused on helping each other meet your collective goal far more than their own individual interests.

If this isn’t what is happening on your team, then you and your teammates probably aren’t getting all the results you want. And this is costing you a lot of time, money, headaches, and wasted productivity.

To learn more about how you can make transformative changes in the way your team operates to boost both its productivity and positivity, click BELOW to learn about Team Coaching and the Collective Leadership Assessment.

Very often, teams don’t get the results they want because of a myriad of human factors. These factors include such things as differing priorities, roles, work styles, incentives, skills, perspectives, and many other factors. Team coaching enables a group to address these human challenges far more effectively than the group is likely to do on its own, so that it not only meets its goals, but exceeds them. Whether you are looking to align your leadership group, and/or boost the synergy in individual teams, team coaching offers you the opportunity to boost your collective effectiveness.

When coaching teams, I typically work with the leadership of the team(s) to design an approach which will elicit strong buy-in of all team members, and then facilitate a number of different processes to enable the team to make the changes it desires. Often, teams benefit from beginning our work together by taking The Collective Leadership Assessment to get a powerful read on the team’s leadership culture. Click here for more information about this world class assessment. The team coaching which then follows is highly participative, and assumes that all the voices in a system are important. My objectives when working with teams and organizations is to strengthen the effectiveness of the entire system as well as all members of that system.

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“I interviewed four leadership and organizational coaches and Mary stood out for her understanding of both organizational structures and interpersonal dynamics. As the Director of a major division in our Company, I am responsible for effectively managing the teams delivering our services. I, as well as our division, need to be in alignment for maximum results. Mary has been providing the support and guidance for all of us to gain maximum synergies so we can meet our goals.”

-Sarah, Director, Jonathan Rose Companies, New York


Assess Your Team or Organization’s Leadership Culture with “The Leadership Circle Culture Survey”

The Leadership Culture Survey (TLCS) is designed to help you get a powerful understanding of your team or organization’s own “leadership culture”. Used for your entire organization or just one of your leadership teams, TLCS will tell you and your teammates how you view the culture of leadership that you all are co-creating, and compare that reality to the optimal culture you all want. The gaps between your current culture and your collectively desired culture, as well as between your current culture and the leadership culture of other organizations, will quickly give you a compelling rationale for change. In addition, it shows you exactly where you will want to focus your collective leadership development efforts.

TLCS is quick, very affordable, web based, and user friendly. Results are downloadable. The Leadership Culture Survey also works seamlessly with the individual Leadership Circle 360 Profile so that if your organization chose to do both, the two instruments would provide complementary feedback. For more information, click here.

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