Three-Happy-Team-MembersThe lunch hour is a great time to bring your staff together for some quick and cost effective professional development. Invite your staff to bring a brown bag lunch to your conference room and participate in one or more of the following “Lunch and Learn” seminars. They are fun, interactive, and provide a great chance for everyone to improve their skills on universally important topics.


“Turning Good Listening Skills into Great Listening Skills” 

WomanManTalkingMost busy professionals these days have so much on their plate that multi-tasking has become the supreme survival skill. Unfortunately, as we multi-task, we have become accustomed to half listening to what people are saying so that we can simultaneously hold onto all our other thoughts, “to do’s”, and concerns. Yet, as we “half listen”, we half connect with people, and miss countless valuable opportunities without ever realizing it. And this is the normal way in which most of us listen.

But what if you could turn “normal” listening into “extraordinary” listening?

During this stimulating 1-hour “Lunch & Learn” seminar, your staff will:

• learn what keeps us from listening well;

• gain an understanding of the three levels of listening;

• gain practice listening at each of these three levels;

• develop skills in listening at deeper levels;

• create a fun accountability structure to ensure that everyone continues to listen well to one another after the seminar.

Being Present in Life’s Fast Lane” 

CrazyBusyDeskManAre you racing through work and life at 90 miles per hour and missing most of the scenery? Are you a busy professional who does not have time to slow down but who wishes to be more present and connected to those around you?

This “Lunch and Learn” seminar enables participants to explore how to be present in a hectic world. Walk away with a valuable toolkit of new skills and a different level of awareness that you can apply in your professional and personal life. Learn new techniques for being more present at work, at home,  and anywhere.

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