Depending on your organization’s needs, there are a number of ways we can structure coaching training. Here is a sampling of some topics that may benefit your managers or care givers.

Getting Started

  • What is coaching and what it is not
  • What does it mean for managers to take a coaching approach and why is this useful?
  • Key assumptions underlying coaching
  • The attitudes or stances that support coaching

The Basics

  • How to coach the person rather than the issue
  • How to develop a supportive coaching relationship
  • Working with fulfillment, balance, and process

Key Coaching Techniques

  • How to ask powerful questions
  • Three levels of listening
  • Supporting people in distinguishing what they are saying “yes” to and “no” to
  • Making requests
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Understanding and working around the inner critic

Empowerment Methods

  • Deepening a person’s learning and forwarding their action
  • Building accountability
  • Acknowledging and building on success

Your Next Step

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