In addition to custom designing workshops to meet specific needs, I am also available to deliver the following workshops that are popular in many organizations:



Powerful Leadership Strategies When There is Never Enough Time, Limited Resources, and Too Much to Do

Are you “Insanely Busy” all the time? Would you like to be more effective and less stressed, fully realizing that there is not likely to be more hours in the day, people on the payroll, and money in the bank for what you want to do?

If so, this 4-hour workshop will transform how you are living and working. Here is what you will learn:

  • Root causes of stress;
  • 10 underlying assumptions that can keep you in the “insanely busy” trap;
  • 10 alternative assumptions that can empower you;
  • Your most effective lever for making transformative changes in the way you are working;
  • A bucket full of strategies for sustaining yourself and your organization when you feel like you are “drinking from a fire hydrant”;
  • A plan and process for making the changes you want.


PinkDahalia“In the Zone: Moving from Stress to Focus in your Organization”

Just as individuals can lose focus and productivity when they are under extreme stress, so too can teams. This 2-hour workshop allows a team a chance to apply a powerful conceptual tool toward a particular organizational source of stress and:

  • gain practice in recognizing what the team can control and what it can’t;
  • discover where the team is most powerful and how to leverage that power;
  • examine how the team’s beliefs and assumptions frame whether team members see something as good or bad, possible or impossible;
  • choose team perspectives that serve the situation best;
  • commit to taking some powerful steps toward being more effective with the source of stress.


MaineFlowersIsland“Gaining New Perspective on Old Problems”

Albert Einstein once said that you can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it. However, in most organizations we can find ourselves stuck in the same kinds of conversations and approaches to problems that have gone on for years. As a result, we find it hard to solve certain intractable problems in order to take our work to the next level.

In this 2 -hour workshop conducted at your workplace, your staff is invited to take an important organizational issue and explore it from a number of new perspectives in order to shake things up, and get its creative juices going. Using a structured process, your staff will have an opportunity to get “unstuck”, think in new ways, and create new possibilities for the issue of your choice. When this happens, new perspectives on old issues will “pop”, and creativity will flow. The result is that not only will your staff make significant progress on the issue at hand, but also gain new tools so they do not need to be “trapped” by their thinking in the future.


“Overcoming our Personal Immunity to Change”

Turtle-in-RoadSmJust about all of us have a really important goal (or two or three!) that we never seem to reach for a variety of reasons. In many cases, we know exactly what we need to do to reach our goal, but getting ourselves to do those things is another matter. Simply trying to do a “better job” tackling the things that we are not particularly motivated to do often does not work.

Based on the powerful 4-step process developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey, this 2 hour workshop is designed to help participants:

  • clarify what they most want;
  • surface what they are doing or not doing that gets in the way of achieving their goal;
  • identify competing commitments;
  • surface beliefs and assumptions that keep the competing commitments as roadblocks to their goal, and plan tests of those assumptions so they might discover which assumptions are either partially or completely false.

Once participants have completed this process, they then may replace their disempowering beliefs and assumptions with more empowering beliefs and assumptions. Participants then experience fundamental and lasting shifts that enable a far faster and more complete achievement of their original goal.





“Overcoming Team Immunity to Change”

Once employees have completed the workshop, “Overcoming our Personal Immunity to Change” and experienced the power of the 4-step change process personally, a team is then ready to address its team’s immunity to change. Using a similar process, this 2-hour workshop enables a team to:


  • clarify a team goal it wishes to address;
  • identify what the team is doing or not doing that gets in the way of achieving that goal;
  • surface the team’s competing commitments; and
  • understand the team’s collective beliefs and assumptions driving those commitments, and create a plan to test them.

Once the team’s disempowering beliefs are replaced with more empowering beliefs, employees then experience the team making far more fundamental adaptive changes which support the achievement of their original goal. In most cases, the results are truly transformational.


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