As we begin the new year, here’s a short (~ 2 min) video vignette with a surprisingly easy and effective technique to help you evaluate what really matters to you and assess what you are doing in relation to it.




About the Video Vignettes:

You’re a leader and your own development is important. But if you never have enough time for all the things you want to do, your own leadership development may take a back seat. So I’ve put together a series of short (two to four minute) video vignettes that will enable you to attend to your own leadership development whenever you need a break, are waiting in line, or have a few minutes of down time. Each of these videos will provide you with useful tools and techniques for developing a more present and creative mindset, so that you can see new possibilities, make connections, and increase your effectiveness.  My hope is that they will inspire and support you to work and live at your best.